Please Note:

This criteria is a guideline for the type of artist I'm looking for, and can be flexible if you think someone not fitting the criteria would still make a good choice to contact.  If you have any questions you can reach me via the chat window on this website.



The Artist or Band must be from the Greater Vancouver area, in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

(Exceptions can be made for promising touring acts coming through the area that fit the rest of the criteria)


They haven't release a live performance style video within the past month.

3. a)

They are not in the country or heavy music genres (These genres tend to have a "scene", not part of my niche)

3. b)

Pop, electronic, indie, folk, alternative, hip hop, rnb, jazz, and world music are all viable genres. 


They have posted to their social media accounts within the last week. (We are looking for active, sharing bands.)


They have released music within the past 12 months.

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