Listening Party

Owner / Producer / Engineer

Shane Stephenson is a music producer who founded Listening Party and is creating works under the moniker of “Nice.”


Based out of the Vancouver area in British Columbia, Shane grew up playing within a musical environment that allowed for heavy collaboration and an atmosphere of camaraderie. Having begun on piano at the age of eight, he developed a love for keyboards and synthesizers and an eclectic array of genres. This broad sensibility and leaning towards electronic production has led him to both creating original art as well as producing and finalizing the work of other artists. 

With a love of both performing and producing, he has been building his own repertoire while helping others to grow their work as well. For Shane, music allows a means of escape, meditation, and contemplation, and through his work, he hopes to allow others the same safe space for growth. 

Shane Stephenson

Riki Beazley

Artist / Producer / Engineer

Born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in Gold Coast, Australia, Riki is a classical violinist turned songwriter, producer, and singer.

In 2014 Riki moved to Vancouver to study violin at the Vancouver Academy of Music.  However, after an injury that would see him unable to play violin professionally, he pivoted his creative energy into producing and songwriting.  From 2015 to 2018 Riki worked hard on his craft, while also being a key member of  the artist community Blank Vinyl Project based out of UBC.


In 2018, after a year of posting unique covers of mainstream songs on his Soundcloud, Riki finally released his debut single under his artist name "RIKII".


Since then, he has played shows in Vancouver and Tokyo and has started producing for upcoming artists both locally and internationally.